Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Missing in action

ASA Sisters,

Sorry I havent been around lately but ive so busy. Between Ramadan, kids going back to school, football season starting for the kids, moving to a new house,  family visiting and just my normal busy schedule. I havent had time to even turn on a computer furtherless blog. I'm hoping to be back soon cause I really do miss you guys.

stay tune!!!

Here's a few pics from Eid

iphone pic sorry


Anonymous said...

Yes, come back to blogging.

Arezu In Wonderland said...

Cute pictures.
Good luck with school.

XO Arezu

Sippingchai said...

You look great, Masha'Allah! Happy to see you will be back to blogging!!

lena said...

Hi Sis. Please keep blogging and sharing your style! I'm a revert who's been having trouble translating my clothing into hijab, and came across your blog. You're truly an inspiration mashaAllah! Now I have a much better idea how I can work with the clothes I have :) Stay Blessed...

lilpink said...

salam sis.
it is nice that you have come back to blogging. i am a new reader. i will keep coming back for new posts. :)

btw, i got here from muslim bloggers directory.

my blog:

Anonymous said...


I've been trying to comment on your M2O blog but it won't take it cause I don't have the 'right' account. Here's my comment for your design ideas

For your dining room, get a nice wall art, picture, or a word decal and add a matching rug so it's not so white. For your family room, move that ottoman thing out to use as a table and add a serving tray in the center. Add some colored pillows, rug, and something on the wall as a focal point. For your bedroom look at Home and Garden's website for ideas. Don't be affraid of color, doesn't have to be bright.

Imani said...

Salaam Sister
Ahuduliallah! I feel so loved... I'm so glad I can inspire someone, this encourage me to keep blogging.

To my Anonymous sister, thanks so much for the decoration advise .. I'm not afraid of color it just I just moved in and with new construction they ask you to wait a year before painting cause they have to come back in to repair nail pops. Evenually I will paint many of the walls.

I'm definately going to get a wall decal in the dining room I'm thinking "Bismillah" .. thanks again