Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's Read A Book Together ... Plus a give away!!!!

Happy Monday Lovely Sisters....

I'm super excited today .. I recieved one of my give aways... YAY!! .. It's a book called My Red Hijab, My White Baby Tee, & My Blue Skinny Jeans by Iman Gill ....  When I spoke to this awesome muslimah , I couldnt believe how down to earth and warm hearted she was. I just want to to give her a special THANK YOU for the giveway YOU ROCK!!!!

So here's the details
I would love to get a few sisters to read this book along with me ..
I figure everyone can read the book and post a review on there blog or facebok page.
Within your review we will make sure to link our blogs in it   (example: I think this book was so on and so on .... then, you will say something like "to read other reviews on this book check out")

What you think? .. Who's down?
I think this will be a beautiful way to support another hijabi, as well as read a really great book.

You can purchase the book here $14.98   Ships in 24hrs

or puchase the ebook $3.99...    ... this way you can read it on you computer, ipad, iphone, or kindle and you recieve it instantly..

Here's the software to read it on your computer

As for the Giveaway
To enter to win you must
1- Click to follow my blog
2- Like Iman Gill Facebook page!/pages/My-Red-Hijab-My-White-Baby-Tee-and-My-Blue-Skinny-Jeans-by-Iman-Gill/186888764719436   (if you dont have fb let me know)
3- Post a quick commet to this post .. Like "enter me" or whatever
**** Post the link to this post to your blog or FBpage,  for another entry to win ***......

Entries will close March 11. 2012
Winner will be announce March 12, 2012

Cant wait to start reading... Bahiyah read it in one day and said it was awesome!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick poll... What would you do?

ASA sisters ... Quick question and I would love your honest opinion .. I read a story the other day about a mom in france that wasnt allow to go on a school trip with her children because she's a hijabi ( I know in france that its sad)... I will like to know what you would do in this situation .. Would you

Why did you pick this answer?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today post is dedicated to my baby boy "Ty"

On this day 16 years ago(dang I feel old I had a precious little bundle of joy, that change my world. He is such a smart, warm, loving young man. He is my pride and joy and one of my main reason for living. As he grow I know he will continue to do right with everything he does cause he has a heart of gold ... Mommy love you Ty and I hope you have the best birthday ever..XOXOX

Baby Ty

 sixteen year old ty

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Salaam Everyone,

Hope everyone weekend is going well. Here in ATL it's beautiful outside. My daughter had a lacrosse game today and the weather was perfect... ahumduallah.
Here's what I wore to her game.. simiple but cute .. what you think?

Cardigan & Shirt .. H&M
Boyfriend Jeans.. Target
Boots.. uggs
Hijab & Pin... Jannah Gifts

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diet, Measurement and Food

Salaam Sisters,

So I started my diet yesterday and so far so good.

Here's my routine:

7am...Wake up eat 1 eggwhite and a whole egg with 2 pieces of turkey bacon.. I will eat this almost everyday... I find when I eat the same things it easier for me to diet.

8:30am... Go to the gym I tend to take a bodyworks with weight class, step, or zumba class for about 40 mins

1pm.. Lunch chicken breast salad fruit

4pm snack.. yogurt, apple sauce, or fruit

7pm... Dinner .. I eat everything the kids and hubby eat but the carbs .. instead of rice or pasta I  will eat beans(red,black or pinto).. and dessert ( frozen yogurt, or anything health and under 150 calories)

8pm... Gym again .. if I cant make the Gym P90X...

10pm bed

I wouldnt eat  junk at all, during the week .. I will allow myself junk only on saturday

My Measurements:

Weight.. 168  (the most I ever been in my life)
Fat %... 42.7%
Bust.. 37.5 in
Waist.. 39 in
Hips... 44 in
I will Measure myself  once a week

Here's pic of my breakfast and dinner .. I forgot to take a pic of my lunch


Dinner.. it in this tray cause I was heading to daughter lacrosse practice ,,lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tomorrow I start my lose 20lbs in 30days diet .. let hope it work!!!

ASA sisters...

This weekend I went on a a couples retreat with 10 couples, I had a awesome time ... Here a pic of me when we went horseback riding....

So tomorrow I will start my strick diet and excerise routine to lose 20lbs in 30days ,, i dont know how possible this is but im determine to do it .. I will post daily my measures, what I did, ate, and how i feel ..let hope it works ... I refuse to buy a larger size in clothes so this is a must cause i cant fit anything .... lol

can you tell it was cold!!!!!
the ranch in the ga mountains

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old School Family Pictures, New sewing project.

Salaam Sisters,

Hope your week is going well so far.

I went to H&M last week and found some aswome finds .. I'm going to do a video on my H&M haul this week sometime.. They had a great sale going on and I racked up... Well I was there I realized  the biggest thing on my wish list is,  LONG TANK TOPS to wear under my shirt to make it more modest .. I did find a few in H&M but there were not as long as i will like them .. so I decided that will be my next sewing project... I think I'm going to make a pattern with a shirt I have that is long enough and go from there .. I will use a thin jersey material... hope it comes out good I'll post everything once I get it together.

On another note....
I was looking through some boxes today and I found this old school pictures of my mom, dad, and one of me and bahiyah that I wanted to share .. One is of  my mom with hijab and abaya when she was maybe 20... My dad in with a turban he was in his 20's too and me & bahiyah as little kids .. How cute!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


ASA Ladies,

Here my second tag .. thanks !!!

You walk into the store and you see a scarf or dress in multiple colors. Which color do you choose and why? You can choose based on 3 motivations:

  1. I choose because I love the color!
  2. I choose because this particular color looks good on me!
  3. I choose because this color is in season now and is really trendy!

My Answer:  "I would choose colors that look best on me "  I tend to pick blacks, greys, blues and Creams... I like red, green and pink as well but I dont own much of those colors... I do wear brighter colors in the summer but for all the rest of the seasons it my normal colors.
I tag

Now what kind of shopper are you? Here is how to do it:

  • always link back to moi at:
  • Copy and paste the scenario and the options
  • Give your answer and explain!
  • Tag 3 to 12 of your most favorite bloggers with the same scenario
  • Don't forget to write out the rules so they know how to do it! 
Here's my HOOTD... this is what I wore to couples game night last weekend.. What you think? I call it my boyfriend look

Cardigan... H&M
Shirt.. Target
Jeans... True Religion