Thursday, May 31, 2012

HFW DAy 4 .... Travel

ASA Sisters,

Today theme for HFW is Travel ..
Normally I would pick a real crazy exotic place but right now where I want to go is NEW YORK CITY to visit my family ..

This is what I would wear to hang with my sister in NYC

Hijab .. Jannah Gifts
Cardigan and Dress.. Target
Jeans.. H&M

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally caught up .. Day 3 .. Time Travel

Salaam one more time muslimahs

Today's theme of "time travel" (or "then and now") is all about taking inspiration from a past style or an older item, and bringing it up-to-date for the present. This one was a little hard for me but so fun once I got it togeter ... So I pair a old school jean vet and nerdy glasses with a modern maxi skirt .. what you think?

HFW Day 3...Time Travel

Vet.. D&G
Skirt ... Motherhood Maternity store
Glass... My oldest Son

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HFW Day2.... Favorite Hijab

ASA Sisters ..

It's actually Day 3 of HFW .. So I'm playing catch up.
Here's yesterday look ... Favorite hijab .. and of course its my olive green hijab .. Funny thing is when I put it on my daughter said you always wear that one

HFW Day 2 .. Favorite hijab ... What you think???

Boyfriend Jeans & Cardigan... Target
Shirt.. old navy
Bag ...LV

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Hijab Fashion Week .. YAY!!! Day 1 Leader of Hijab

Salaam Sisters,

I know I havent been around lately but I really do miss yall. I' ve been super busy with the kids, packing, looking for a renter, and organizing my life for the new house.

Since I've been gone for so long I have a special treat for you. I decided to participate in Hijab fashion week which mean 7 days of outfits. I hope you ladies enjoy...

Here's Day 1 ... Leaders in hijab... Mommy!!!!

What you think??

Shirt.. forever 21
Maxi Skirt... Gap

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother Day ALL!!.... Twins B-DAY

ASA sister

I want to wish all the beautiful mothers of the world a Happy Mother Day!! I hope you all had a wonderful day.

This year I had the pleasure to share mothers day with my percious twins who turn 8 today.. I'm so proud of how smart, caring and loving that have become. Mommy love yall!!!

here's a few pics of them throughout the years

the first 6 years

the twins at 8 years old