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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So as you can see this blog is about two sisters and their journey with Allah(swt) .. I will start with mine.

About me
As you already know my name is Imani.... I'm a wife, A mother of 3, A sister to 4 and friend to many. I was born Muslim and was raise in a Sunni masjid until the age of Mmmm I will say 10.. When my mom and dad divorce my mom continue to practiced for a while but then decided to stop and that where I became a product of the world .. I'm not going to go into details but I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn and it wasn't horrible to me as it may have been to some but it wasn't good either. I got in to many things I wasn't suppose to get into but all I can say is it made me the person I am now and that's a strong Muslim women.

What Made me come back to Islam?...
Well I guess I always knew it was where i needed to be but what really made up my mind was my oldest son... One day he came to be and said " Why don't we go to church" and I didn't really have a answer and there and then I went to my husband( who was also raised Muslim.. Allah(swt) work in mysterious way) and told him I think we need to start practicing Islam again .. and from there(june2011) we haven't looked back!! I pray everyday, read the qu ran and this past Ramadan I fasted and it was a beautiful experience. My kids still don't understand but they are coming along slowly and that all I can asks.

Imani and Fashion...
I LOVE fashion!!!! ... As a Muslim women I know I have to dress modest .. I never really dressed to bad but i did have my days with some head turner.. When I got married that died down a lot but I still wasn't as modest as I could have been. I'm still in a transition stage with my modest dressing .. I do dress a lot more modest but I still have days when I wear skinny jeans or show my arms or something .. I'm doing alot better but it a slow process cause I don't have much modest clothes .. I don't wear hijab everyday either ... I do wear it when I'm around other muslimahs which is not often.. BUT I did set a date when I decided that I will start wearing it everyday which is January 1st 2012..
So what I've doing is buying hijabs, and modest clothes so when the day come I will be completely ready.

I've been going to through lots of hajib fashion blogs and I can honestly say it made it easier for me to say I will wear hijab everyday cause I learned you can still be fashionable with a hajib plus it what I need to do for allah(swt). I do know there are many rules with wearing hajib and after lots of search and reading of the qua ran these are the ones i will follow :
1. Head Covered
2. Neck Covered
3. Arms Covered
4. Feet Covered
5. Chest Covered
6. Behind Covered
7. Clothes Loose
and be fashionable ..lol
I already know not everyone is going to agree with my hajib outfits but I'm here to please Allah(swt) and he knows whats in my heart!! and I will always be modest.

and my blog journey begins...




Umm Amirah said...

Can I say that I love your blog! Really inspirational for new Muslimahs. I've been Muslim for 10 year and it takes time to 'come into' your own modest style. Have fun..you live and your learn. Alhumdulillah you both have a wonderful story.

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

aaaawww thank you so much .. I didnt notice you wrote this.