Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old School Family Pictures, New sewing project.

Salaam Sisters,

Hope your week is going well so far.

I went to H&M last week and found some aswome finds .. I'm going to do a video on my H&M haul this week sometime.. They had a great sale going on and I racked up... Well I was there I realized  the biggest thing on my wish list is,  LONG TANK TOPS to wear under my shirt to make it more modest .. I did find a few in H&M but there were not as long as i will like them .. so I decided that will be my next sewing project... I think I'm going to make a pattern with a shirt I have that is long enough and go from there .. I will use a thin jersey material... hope it comes out good ...lol.. I'll post everything once I get it together.

On another note....
I was looking through some boxes today and I found this old school pictures of my mom, dad, and one of me and bahiyah that I wanted to share .. One is of  my mom with hijab and abaya when she was maybe 20... My dad in with a turban he was in his 20's too and me & bahiyah as little kids .. How cute!!!

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