Saturday, April 7, 2012

My New Journey

Asa Sisters,

I'm not sure if I mention this before but we will be moving in the next 3 months .. no where far actually about 20 mins or less from my present house. We are actually in the process of looking for a house to rent or buy, so I'm not evern sure where it is yet ... I know I live on the edge but that's just us

That being said I realized how messy of a person I am, and decided since I'm moving what better time to change those ways. So after going through endless organization blogs and shows .. I decided to start my journey from Mrs. Messy 2 Mrs. Organized... and with that my new blog was born check it out!!!

It will go through my whole process of packing , moving and organzing the new home. It going to be alot of work but I'm so ready ... hope you join me.


Arezu In Wonderland said...

Good luck!
But you aren`t closing this blog, are ya?

XO Arezu

Imani said...

No not at all ... I'll still be here with my sisters !!!!