Friday, December 2, 2011

HFW Day 6 Date Night

Salaam Sisters,

Today theme is "Date Night" I loved this one because I love dressing up pretty for my husband and spending time with him ... This is what I decided to wear. What you think?

Blazer... Forever 21
Dress... Target
Pants... Old Navy
Shoes... Nine west

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cherie said...

Love the colour suits you very well, mashAllah!

Nad @ said...

Love it.. mashaallah Sis! What a cutie pie <3

@Vvafa said...

My favorite look of yours! Where did you get that blazer? It's a really good length (so hard to find)!

Sixth Avenue' said...

I love this look my fav so far now I know what blazer you were talking about.....I love it on your and the colour is amazing...we have the same blazer :)

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

Thanks Sisters!!

@vvafa the blazer is from forever 21

@sixth ave .. Yup the same one .. its so pretty!!

Charm said...

omg.. pretty pretty blazer sister. <3