Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hijab Exchange, So fun.

ASA Lovely Sisters,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Today I went to a awesome hijab exchange events and had so much fun. I was able to meet lots of new muslimahs and meet local vendors.  I wish I was able to take pictures but it was in a masjid so it wasnt allow.
We played a cool game were 5 muslimahs had to find items in the hijab exchange and make a complete outfit. You know I had to be one of particate it was so fun. Once everyone was done everyone had to pick top 3 to be voted on, on facebook and I made the top 3 even though I ran out of time and was not able to complete my outfit. Once voting starts on fb the top outfit gets a free abaya. I hope I win.

This is what I wore to the exchange

Cardigan .. H&M
Skirt... Gap
Shirt... Gap
Hijab.. Forever21
Shoes... Tori Burch

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