Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother Day ALL!!.... Twins B-DAY

ASA sister

I want to wish all the beautiful mothers of the world a Happy Mother Day!! I hope you all had a wonderful day.

This year I had the pleasure to share mothers day with my percious twins who turn 8 today.. I'm so proud of how smart, caring and loving that have become. Mommy love yall!!!

here's a few pics of them throughout the years

the first 6 years

the twins at 8 years old


Annisa mulia said...

Cute kids..
Very sweet :)

Ian Afifah Sudarman. said...

cute picture :) lovely

Bint Alia said...

Masha'Allah, they're absolutely gorgeous!

Watching the slideshow made me feel like I was apart of their life for a split sec. lmao. I was like "aww", then seen them @ age 8 & was like, "omg! they grew up." Awkward lol.. Anyway, they're so adorable, masha'Allah.

Imani said...

AAAWWW thanks so much sister .. they are my heart ...
@Bint Alia ... it is a little weird when you look at it. These like tiny babies are like gaints now