Thursday, May 31, 2012

HFW DAy 4 .... Travel

ASA Sisters,

Today theme for HFW is Travel ..
Normally I would pick a real crazy exotic place but right now where I want to go is NEW YORK CITY to visit my family ..

This is what I would wear to hang with my sister in NYC

Hijab .. Jannah Gifts
Cardigan and Dress.. Target
Jeans.. H&M

Check out the rest of the muslimahs here:


Tak Pe Je said...

Salam. I can easily relate to this look, sister.. Nice, easy, casual, modest. Stylishly covered.

Imani said...

Aaawww thanks so much sister ... I really appreciate it

Khadija said...

Salaams, I really love this look. Love these colors for summer. Looking extra fly!