Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hijab Fashion Week .. YAY!!! Day 1 Leader of Hijab

Salaam Sisters,

I know I havent been around lately but I really do miss yall. I' ve been super busy with the kids, packing, looking for a renter, and organizing my life for the new house.

Since I've been gone for so long I have a special treat for you. I decided to participate in Hijab fashion week which mean 7 days of outfits. I hope you ladies enjoy...

Here's Day 1 ... Leaders in hijab... Mommy!!!!

What you think??

Shirt.. forever 21
Maxi Skirt... Gap

Check out the other leaders of hijab here:


Mimz Mirembe said...

Looks very proffessional, me like! said...

oh very nice mashallah! very classy and i love the way you do your hijab mashallah