Monday, October 28, 2013

My CRAZY birth story!

So im going to start from the day before .. 
My nieces(3 of them) and my nephew (just 1) came down from NYC to visit for a week, so I had a total of 7 kids in my house .. I decided to take them to the skating rink Friday evening.. While at the skating rink I was having  contractions but I’ve been having contractions from 23 weeks so this wasn't new for me. The only difference was it was a little more intense but nothing major. 

We left the skating rink about 10:30pm got pizza and went home .. I told hubby if my contractions get any more intense and any closer together ( they were 5-10 min apart) we are going to have to go to the hospital. Well once I laid down the contractions were further apart and less intense so I figure nothing major is going to happen because this is normal.

I went to bed around 11:30pm, I actually slept really well that night which is rare. I woke up about 4:45am to use the bathroom, wipe no blood nothing so I went back to lay down but I couldn’t fall asleep then I started having contraction again but nothing major as normal .. At about 5:50am I swear I heard a pop so I got up to see if my water broke there was little fluid but nothing major but when I wiped there was a little blood so I figure hey this is different it must be time .. 

I woke hubby up and said I think it time as I was walking around trying to get my stuff I got a really bad contraction that lasted about a min I couldnt move or anything once it was over I said hurry up before I get another one by time I got to the steps I got another one and couldn't walk down the steps once it was over I ran down the steps to the garage to get in the car but right before I got it in I had another really bad contraction. Once I sat down in the car, I felt major pressure and I knew he was coming. 

All I remember is yelling really loud HE"S COMING ( I yelled it so loud my 17 year old ran upstairs to check on me) .. my hubby looked at me like I was crazy and said what you mean he’s coming I said he’s coming right now call 911 and I started pulling my pants off.. My hubby didn't even have time to call so he just took off his shirt, helped me pull off my pants and when he looked he said he saw the sac starting to coming out, he said he knew he had to break it so he dug his finger into it and it broke and soon as it broke I had the push, I pushed once and his head was out and then I pushed again and his whole body was out( he was born at 6:15am) .. hubby grabbed him and put him on me .. then he called 911 and my 17 year old ran to get towels to cover Kedar ( that the Scooby doo towel you see in the picture 

once 911 was on the phone they told my hubby to find something to tie off the cord by time we got the baby wrapped up and the cord tied off, hubby pulled the car out the garage so the ambulance will have easier access .. they got there in like 8 mins from the time we called 911 .. they suction the baby and put him in a blue foam looking bag to keep him warm then they cut the cord and put me in the ambulance .... To me it seem Kedar was having a hard time breathing but he was pink .. he didn't hardly cry so that scared me too .. he also had lot of meconium on him, all I wanted was to get to the hospital to make sure he was ok... When we got to the hospital (30 mins away) he was perfectly healthy which I was so happy to hear .. 

I wish hubby would have took a picture of my car he said it was gross looking ( as it had blood, fluids, and meconium everywhere) you could even see the sac Kedar came out of on the floor but I still wish I was able to get a picture of it to keep. This was definitely an experience me and hubby would never forget .. hubby said he was scared but he is so happy he was able to experience delivering his son.

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