Friday, October 25, 2013

Wudu Safe Nail Polish... Woot Woot!

Ill start by saying I have fascination with pretty nail polish and getting a mani/pedi. Ever since I was younger I always relied on my bi-weekly trip to the nail salon to ease the stress of the previous weeks. When I was told muslimahs couldn't wear polish during salaat/prayer (water can not penetrate traditional nail polish, therefore making wudu invalid, therefore making salaat invalid) I gasped and refused to give it up. Over time I realized I had no choice, my prayers are more important than nail polish, and I finally gave it up. My poor Essie collection was shelved and I mourned... lol. Only once a month, during "praycation", was I allowed to indulge in my traditional mani/pedi with my traditional polish. Although I continued my bi-weekly salon trips, I was only able to get a boring buffing of the nails. Blah!

Wellllll, recently I was told about the 'Tuesday In Love' brand of water permeable polish and I truly jumped for joy. I ordered 2 immediately!! I decided on a super pale pink "Cotton Candy" and a pale grey "Grumpy Grey". Although they are a lot lighter in color than expected I still liked them a lot. I'm really excited to be able to wear colored polish that won't prevent me from making proper salaat **insert happy dance here**

Overall, this "story" was told to remind myself and others that nothing in this Dunya/world is more important than our Islamic obligations. As a revert, I onced loved many things in the world but once I got to know Islam I realized how silly my worldly fascinations were.

Get your polish at The "Woman of Steel" color is super yummy!! Let me know what you think ;0)

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