Monday, November 28, 2011

HFW DAY 2 Hobbies

Asa Sisters,

This one was easy but hard for me because I have so many hobbies. I love to read, eat, sew, paint, cook, and photography, but what I realize I like doing the most is, What girl dont!! So that what I decided to do for my hobby.

When I go to the mall I like to be stylish and comfy, so this is what I decided to wear. What do you think?

I know the jeans is a little risky .. sorry!!!!

Cape sweater...
Strip shirt... Target
Jeans... True Religion
Boots... Uggs
Accessories... Forever 21    

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Kreamah said...

girl MashaAllah too cute love this outfit

Sixth Avenue' said...

i love your hejab u have been looking for this color everywhere

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

Thanks sister ... I got it on ebay for 6 dollars ( dark blue is so hard to fine ... just look up pashmina, they have all the colors but if you in the usa make sure you look for a company that ship from the US cause it faster..