Saturday, January 14, 2012

20 Questions Video Blog... Asks me Questions!!!

Salaam Sisters,

Hope your weekend is going well ... Today I went to a beautiful Muslimah event and I had a great time meeting lots of new muslimah and hang with ones i knew already. The speakers were great and the vendors had lots of beautiful items. There was a henna artist there and I got my very first henna tattoo done, here's a pic of it with some of the paste still on it. I will take a pic of it tomorrow when all the paste is off  as well.

So I was thinking of posting a video... I've been wanting to do this for a while but didnt know what to record.. I was trying to get my sister to do a sister tag but she doesnt have a web cam so that hard since we are in two different states. So the next thing I could think of was a 20 questions video which I think will be super fun to do.... Post a question you will like me to answer and I will answer it.  I cant wait to get started. I'm hoping to have the video up by next week sometime. Ask me anything!!!!

My henna
dont pay attention to my pj's

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