Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sewing Project.... Would you join me????

Salaam Sisters,

I decided that I want to start a sewing project today. After looking through a few easy project online I decided to do a ANDA DRESS from the Burda Style website . I decided on this dress cause

 #1 It looks easy and as you know I just started sewing so I only know the basics.
 #2 Cause I thought it will be a super cute modest shirt dress to wear with jeans
 #3 It's a cheap pattern(3.50usd) that I can download at home.
 #4 It work well with cotton material that not expensive.

 I would love love love it if a few  sister can join me on this sewing adventure. I'm going to download the pattern and buy the fabric today but I will wait a few days to start it, just to see if I can get a sister or two to join me.

I will post picture of the material and everything you need for the project tonight... I think this will be really fun.

Here's the link for the pattern again...    the instruction is in the link
You need:
- Pattern
- 2-3 yards of fabric.. (im getting 2.5)
- bais tape
- Elastic(optional)
Almost all material work with this pattern, once you look at the pattern and see the pictures of the other dresses on the site you can get an idea of what kind you want to use .. I'm going to use cotton blend cause there a sale on it at joann's.

Pictures of the dress ...

Oh and I will follow the picture tutorial from this site as well
 Let me know if you will like to join me on this sewing adventure

Pics of my material and Supplies

So I choose a burn Orange color cause i thought it would be pretty for the fall and winter the material is a blended cotton and it was only 1.99usd a yard .. I got 2.5 yards. I got black bais tape for a different color instead of burn orange. I hope it comes out good. I paid under 15.00 for all the supplies. I cant wait to start.


Sixth Avenue' said...

i was just wondering where did you learn how to sew...i have been trying to learn its hard =S

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

Salaam sister,

Dont laugh but honestly .. Youtube!! ... lol I'm learning slowly, I dont have many skills yet. I only do sewing projects that have tutorial. As I do them I pick up different skills and I try to perfect them . I really enjoy sewing but it definately a learning experinces.

The new Maxi Skirt project is super easy and will teach me to sew with elastic thread. I'm just hoping it is really easy ... lol
We will see, I'm starting it today.

Let me know if you decided to make it too.