Sunday, January 15, 2012

OOTD Everyday look... Starting a diet... henna

ASA Sisters,

Here's my OOTD this is my everyday look... After examing the pic I realize my pants can be looser, but it one the few jeans that can still fit me. Starting tomorrow I will be on a serious diet( anyone know of any good ones) cause I literally have about 3 pair of jeans that I can fit, which is so sad cause I own about 20 pair of jean if not more..SMH!!! I cant believe how much weight I gain in 6 months.

Anywhoo.. bring on the questions cant wait to start my 20 question video!!!!

here my outfit & henna

Hijab... Jannah Gifts
Cardigan... Target
Shirt... old Navy
Jeans... 7 for all man kind
Boot... Uggs
Bag.. LV
Accesories.. Forever 21
Henna... henna Artiste


Radhiana said...

love your cute cardigan :)
good luck for the diet :)

Muslimah on the Moon said...

MashAllah ,the olive green on your hijab looks absolutely gorgeous with your skin tone!!

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

thank you so much sister!!!

Anonymous said...
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UmmSultana said...

I love your style and I second Muslimah on the Moon. Im so happy to find your blog and a fellow sewer. I myself have yet to make real clothes ( i sew other things) but you are definitely a motivation for me.

Lisa Khaliesah said...

hey new fren.
like the way u dress up.
wud love to try to wear something like dat....

all the best for ur diet more fruits n vege...n watch on ur carbo intake =)

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

thank you so much for the kinds words and encouragement sisters

Asiyah said...

Oooo i love you LV bag, i want one in that colour to =)Thanks for the comment and checking out my blog =)

Laila said...

Your outfit is very pretty, Masallah!


Anonymous said...

Cute look! I'm starting also with a new eating and workout plan. In the past I only had to eat healthy to maintain a good weight, but now I'm a lil older (33), and I'm finding I actually have to exercise as well as eat healthy to not gain weight. I have some suggestions. Start by eating more raw vegetables, and fruits. I like green salads, and I also juice green drinks. They are very detoxifying. Drink lots of water everyday, do some form of exercise for at least 30 mins. a day. Eliminate any sugar in you diet, or foods with sugar on the label(I did this in the past just cutting out sugar, and I lost 10 in probably 2-3 weeks). Sugar has a lot of empty calories we don't need and is one of the main foods that make us overweight and sick. If you can eat meat only once a week. All meat is acidic in our bodies, and too much will make us overweight, and sluggish. So hear are some of my suggestion, oh and another one don't eat late, the late night meals/snaking packs on the pounds because our body doesn't have adequate time to burn those calories off. So like 3 hours before bedtime is good to stop eating. Oh and of course Ask Allah to make it easy for you be get healthier, Inshallah Ameen!

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

Thanks sisters!!!
@ saleema... I definately going to take your advice .. I'm already working out 3 times a week and i'm eatttng about 1200 calories a day and cut out all sweets on the week day i treat myself to junk on the weekend though... hope it work

Naturally_Enticing_Bahiyah said...

Mashallah I see we have somethings in common. We both have the same name (Bahiyah)LOL.I also love all things fashion and beauty. That's why I'm a Master Cosmetologist and MUA and going into Fashion as well now.

May Allah bless you on the road to weight loss. Looking forward to following your blog more.

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

ASA Bahiyah,

I know me and my sister look a like but the post is by me (Imani) .. I get that all the time .. Bahiyah hasnt been on in a while, she's been super busy... She will be back soon though.. Hope you enjoy the blog...BTW you can tell who posted the post by looking where it say posted by if it me it says fashionable muslimah ..Imani ..... If it Bahiyah it says her name no one ever notice that.

thanks for checking us out