Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting started with my sewing Project

Salaam Sisters,

I will be get starting my sewing project tonight .. I will take pictures as I go and share with you. I'm still hoping to get a sewing buddy but if not, I sure this still will be a cool adventure for me. I'm so excited!!!. I just hope it come out If you are interested in joing me let me know.
Also if their's any sisters out there that sew but this project is not for you but there something else you will like to sew( that somewhat easy ) I will love to join you on you sewing project.

Lata sisters


GabiFaya said...

Asalaam Aleikom! Great posts and Happy New Years.Good Luck with your sewing project, sister. I am hosting a Free Hijab Giveaway on my blog and I would like you to enter. All you have to do is like my facebook and twitter pages. More info is on my blog-
Good Luck!

Kalimah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum sis, ma sha Allah this blog is wonderful! I love fashion as ell and I have just began to sew I love some of the creations you made, I will try to make some of your projects insha Allah.Do you have a facebook page, if not please start one it will be a lovely page, insha Allah
ma salama