Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Sewing project... Join me !!!!!

Salaam Sisters,

So I still have the sewing fever and really want to sew something else. I was going to wait for the sister online to finish making the tutorial for the Abaya but she is super busy with a new line. I really cant wait for the line to come out, cause I seen a few of her sketches,  and they are FABULOUS.

While I wait for the Abaya tutorial, I decided to make a cute maxi skirt that I saw online. I LOVE LOVE maxi skirts and this one is  easy, cheap, and super cute... If you will like to join me, please let me know!!!

I'm going to buy the fabric today... The actually tutorial is a dress but i'm going to make the skirt part of it . I will also attach the sash. here's the link  maxi skirt by asmallsnippet... isnt it adorable???

Things you need:
-Fabric.. enough to wrap around your waist 1 and a half times
-Elastic Thread (make sure it elastic thread and not cord)

Here's a pic.. What you think??

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Chahrazad said...

Kinda awesome that you create your own close. Keep the project going.

x Chahrazad