Friday, January 20, 2012

Starting the sewing project .. Fabric

Jummah Mubarak Sisters,

What's your plans for the weekend.... As usual mines is super busy .. Today I dont have much planned, so I'm able to sew my skirt YAY!!!! .. Tomorrow I have a meet and greet to go to at a sushi resturant... yum!! and Sunday is football with the boys.

Last night I went to Joann's and brought the fabric and thread. I wanted a real flowy fabric. I've notice when doing a sewing project it all about the material and prints. I'm not a print type of person so I got a nice solid grey color. I think it's a rayon blend but not 100% sure.
After wrapping it around my waist in the middle of the store I got 2.5 yards.

Here's pic of the fabric and supplies and me wrapping it around my waist once I got home. I'll takes pics as I go and post them. I hope it comes out well. Wish me luck!!!

Oh I forgot to mention .. I saw a cool tag on youtube that I'm going to do .. It's the  "what's in you purse tag" .. I may do it tonight if Ifinish the skirt.


UmmSultana said...

Wow it already looks good. Im iffy about prints myself. I tend to like plainer (one color) clothes and printed scarves but now I think I keep trying most things. Im still taking forever on my tutorial boo! But good job sis ;)

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

thanks sister.... You know I'm waiting on the hijab tutorial .. the sketch you made is beautiful but I agree it all about the pattern and material you make it with.. I cant wait to see the finish hijab.