Sunday, January 29, 2012

Coming Soon.. Abaya Project, OOTD, Vlog, Giveaway..YAY!!!!

Salaam Sisters,

Hope everyone weekend is going well...

Sorry I wasnt around last week, I was super busy with the kids. This week is going to be busy again because I have family coming into town so I have lots to do before they get here.

I will start my abaya sewing project some time next week...  Zeba made a beautiful DIY ABAYA tutorial that I will be following. When you get a chance please check out and like her Facebook Page her collection will be out soon... cant wait!!!

I should have a OOTD tomorrow. I know I havent done one in while so I will be doing one for sure. I really enjoyed doing the the video I did last week so I really want to do another one, any sugestion!!!!.
and last but not least I will going to do a GIVEAWAY .. yup a muslimah that sell hijab pin offer me a few pins to give away there beautiful and unquie check them out Pink Bootz Accessories I cant wait!!!

Here's the video for the abaya


Mev said...

assalamu alaikum sisters :]
i nominated you for a award and i tagged you :]

UmmSultana said...

I tagged you too! Im very excited for the abaya inshallah also

Fashionable Muslimah.. Imani said...

WOW!!!! I'm so shocked and honored to be tagged and nominated... aaawww sister... yall made my day ... I'm definately going to post this asap inshallah ... thank you sisters!!!